Cookies Policy

Cookies are usually stored on the hard drive of the client’s computer and help us identify the computer of a particular client among others. We can also use cookies stored in emails, in order to receive confirmation from the client to receive and respond to it. We also use providers of services that download cookies to the client’s computer hard drive and transfer information that we select, providing us with information about how our clients and visitors navigate the website, which pages they view at the same time, as well as data with detailed and general information about transactions.

The information obtained from cookies can be used to determine the effectiveness of our website, analyze and identify problems that our Clients and visitors may have when accessing the site, as well as managing the platform. This information interests us in order to improve the quality of service provided.

The client agrees that we may use the web browser function known as a “cookie” for all purposes mentioned above.

Despite the fact that Fxminin takes all existing means to protect the personal data of clients, the company cannot guarantee a secure client’s device connection and the process of transferring customer data to our website. Given this, the client bears sole responsibility for all possible interruptions in the transfer of client data to the site. After receiving the Client’s personal data, we undertake to use all necessary technical protection means to prevent unauthorized access.

We apply all possible security measures to ensure the confidentiality of the client’s personal data and protect this data from loss, unauthorized use, forgery, or destruction. Only authorized Fxminin employees have access to the personal data of the client, and they are obliged to use this information strictly confidentially. Existing safety methods will be timely reviewed in full compliance with new laws and technical innovations.