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Who are we ?

Since you are on the About us page, we have to introduce ourselves.
So...Hello, we are a friendly Fxminin team.
Fxminin is an investment company offering investors access to investment opportunities in crypto, stocks and the forex market. We implement our strategy in trading cryptocurrencies, stocks and other commodities through our platforms while offering flexibility in investment plans. That way investors benefits from our affordable quality services while the company benefits from an extensive network of global customers.

Our website serves as a life-time online cryptocurrency investment platform that has provided quality services to legal investors and individuals for many years. And our mission still remains to provide our customers around the world with efficient and affordable financial services.

Need more information on working with the platform?

We recommend you to start with the Beginner’s Guide section. If you still have questions after exploring the section, you can visit the FAQ , most likely you will find the answer to your question there.

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You can ask our technical support a question on the Support page